The Laptopcap

This patented product, designed by AnyWare, is created to keep the sunlight away from your laptop screen.
The Laptopcap is made from a soft stretchable fabric
and steel wire that makes the cap easy to use on all laptops of different sizes.
The super lightweight and breathable laptopcap is designed to shield your laptop screen from the sun. This patented product enables you to work outside without having to worry about your screen becoming unreadable. With the Laptopcap you avoid unwanted reflections and glares on your laptop screen.


No more reflection

The Laptopcap eliminates screenreflection so you can work everywhere, even outside!

Increased batterylife

The Laptopcap protects your laptop from the blazing sun, so it has to work less hard, increasing your battery life.

Extra privacy

Shield your screen from unwanted eyes with the Laptopcap.

One size fits all

The Laptopcap fits all laptops, no matter how small or large. Adjust the size with the belt buckle.