The Laptopcap by AnyWare

We are introducing the new Laptopcap. The super lightweight and breathable laptopcap is designed to shield your laptop screen from the sun. This patented product enables you to work outside without having to worry about your screen becoming unreadable. With the Laptopcap you avoid unwanted reflections and glares on your laptop screen.

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Simple design and made from a soft stretchable material with a flexible steel wire.

Protect Yourself

Ensures that your privacy is protected when working outdoors.

Keep Cool

The Laptopcap keeps your laptop from overheating.

How to Store

The Laptopcap comes with its own bag for easy storage.

Work Outside

Protects your screen from the sunlight, so you can easily work outside when the sun shines

  • Whether you are a Digital Nomad, working remotely, or in an office, we can all agree that it’s nice to be outside when the sun is out.

  • Sometimes, you’ll want to take your laptop with you but it can be quite a hassle to find a good place outside where your laptop screen will not

  • be unreadable because of the sun. With the Laptopcap you can sit AnyWare and work, without any problem or annoyance.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you take the Laptopcap out of its packaging, you unwrap it and lay it flat on a surface. You then place your laptop on top of the canvas belt, wrap the cap around your laptopscreen and secure the buckle. You can then work in the sun without having to worry about your screen being unreadable.

You can Pre-order the Laptopcap by clicking on the “Pre-Order here!” button at the top.

The Laptopcap is made from a soft and stretchable fabric. This makes the cap easy to use on all laptops from different sizes.

The Laptopcap is a cap designed for your laptop. It creates a shadow on your screen which makes it possible for you to read what is on your laptop screen when you’re working in the sun.

At the moment, the Laptopcap is available in only one size. But this size fits all laptops.

The Laptopcap will be delivered with its own packaging. You only have to fold the cap and slide it into its packaging. The rest is up to you whether you store it in your handbag or laptopbag. It’s small enough to fit in every bag.