Behind AnyWare

“Designed to simplify your life.”

As a person who travels often with their laptop, the problem of not being able to see your laptop screen, because it reflects light, is common.
It can be quite a hassle to search for an available place with enough shadow to work at.

“What if you could sit anywhere without having the reflection problem?”

This is the question our AnyWare team asked themselves. Based in the Netherlands where the weather can change from a day to day basis, we were all too familiar with this problem. We also knew how bothersome it could be to relocate to a place indoors when the sun is shining outside.

Our AnyWare team has worked on a solution with a simple design. We wanted to bring out a product that is easy to use and doesn’t take up much space. The Laptopcap by AnyWare is designed to simplify lives.